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 Drent Gazzelle 6T Excel insert


 24" blanket rod wet offset inserts to fit into Drent Gazelle 6T (excel). Three cylinder version. Very good condition. Two available

 Goebel Optiforma


 6 Colour Goebel Optiforma, reel to reel and reel to fold. 6X 24" inserts, IST UV. 680mm web width

 Muller Martini 2088 sheeter with Unistack 2000 batcher stacker


 Muller martini 2088 double cut sheeter, complete with Unistack 2000 batcher stacker

 Muller Martini A68 9 colour

 Contiweb unwind splicer, standard muller unwind, 9x wet offset. 1X flexo tower, full processing with file hole , line hole magnetic and cross perf, IST UV, 2012 BST AR 4000 register, duct control, AMAL rewind splicer. 9X 24" wet offset 2X 24" dry offset 5X 25" wet offset

 Muller Martini Concept inserts 14


 2x 14" wet offset inserts to suit Muller Martini Concept.Good Condition, 14" cross perf. Manual side register

 Muller Martini Concept 520

120,000 EUROS

 1998, 5 colour press, Standard 1250mm unwind, 5X 2302 type towers with manual lever duct control, complete with 5X24" inserts, new generation line hole, 1x24" cross perfl, Folder, 1270mm rewinder, some limited spare parts.

 Muller Martini Concept insert 24"


 ONE Muller Martini Concept 24" wet offset insert, stick on blanket, manual side register.

 Muller Martini Concept inserts 18

18,000 set

 4 X 18" wet offset printing inserts. very little use.

 Muller Martini Concept NT print tower

POUNDS 6,000

 Manufactured in 2000, the tower has a complete drive e train , wash up motor assembly , servos and complete electrical panel.

 Muller Martini Concept unwinder (choice of 2)


 1997 Concept unwinder, including web guide and Spengler web cleaner. Also equiped for Eltromat re-insertion

 Muller Martini Concept/Concepta 17" numbering cassette


 This cassette locates into a standard 2302 type wet offset tower to provide a numbering facility. A small add on kit needs to be added to the print tower to provide the air on/off for the numbering cam.

 Muller Martini Concepta 6 colour


 2006 6 colour web press, 520mm web width, 1270mm unwind . 520mm web width Re insertion/insetting 6X wet offset print towers with manual ink key control and ink agitators. 2 lamps UV. Processing unit with new generation line hole, file hole position, 2X cross perf positions with 24" magnetic cylinder and 24" cross perf. Camera system Continuous folder. 1270mm rewinder Optional Kodak S10 Ink jet system 6X 24" wet offset cassettes. 1x 24" flexo insert (locates in offset tower 6)

 Muller Martini Concepta/Concept inserts 22"

20,000 set

 We have 5X Muller Martini Concept wet offset printing inserts 22"" and 2 X cross perf cylinders to suit.

 Muller Martini Q74 sheeter


 Muller Martini Q74 sheeter, Manufactured 2008. Very low usage. Double servo drive system (No gear change required). Double cut cylinder installer ( 12" to 299mm)

 Muller Martini QS 52 sheeter


 The latest 520 wide sheeter with integrated stacker from Muller Martini. Manufactured in 2011.