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Tamarack Products provides equipment solutions to produce RFID labels, tags and tickets.  Using the P500 RFID, you insert dry or wet RFID inlays—in-line on press or off-line

RFID Labels

RFID labels are produced with a variety of face stocks, and UHF or HF inlays are inserted to meet the requirements of specific applications. Any RFID form factor, wet or dry, can be inserted to produce RFID labels:

Logistics labels:  meet retailer mandates for case and pallet shipping labels

Asset tracking labels:  produce RFID labels for warehouse, inventory and production tracking

Airline bag tags:  provide luggage tracking and enhance security

Apparel labels:  improve inventory management and merchandising with item-level tagging.

Library labels:  locate, track and manage library materials

File labels:  track legal and patient files

Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical labels:  provide item-level tracking for inventory, anti-counterfeiting and e-pedigree requirements.


RFID inlays are inserted between top-of-tag and bottom-of-tag plies to produce tag and ticket constructions:

Apparel tags:  improve inventory management and merchandising with item-level tagging.  Inventory counts are completed with dramatic time savings, resulting in rapid ROI.

Tickets:  meet transportation, leisure and event ticketing requirements for patron convenience, security and anti-counterfeiting

Ski-lift tickets:  for patron convenience and enhanced security

Other RFID constructions

The applications for RFID are increasing! Please contact us to discuss your application and production requirements

Produce RFID smart labels in-line on your press with the Tamarack P500 RFID.

  • Smart labels produced at web speeds of up to 500 ft/min (150 m/min)
  • RFID inlays affixed with excellent 1/64" (.4mm) registration
  • Operator-friendly


Label face stock is printed, then delaminated from the release linerand routed to the Tamarack P500 RFID module.

2. A roll of RFID inlays is unwound, fed to length, and routed to the vacuum applicator and cut-off unit. A registration sensor for the inlay web assures cut-off between antenna repeats.

3. The inlay web is held to the vacuum cylinder until each inlay is cutt off and then joined to the exposed adhesive of the face stock web.

4. The liner receives a pattern coating of hot melt adhesive to eliminate an adhesive void in the area of the inlay.

5. The face stock and liner webs are relaminated and routed to the press finishing section.

Accommadates all inlay sizes.

The Tamarack P500 RFID affixes inlays from 3/8" to 13" wide and from 3/8" to 9" long, meeting the requirements of all inlay products. Set-up is straight forward, with job parameters entered via a touch-screen control.


Servo-driven components provide flexibility and productivity.

The affixing equipment can be adapted to a different part of the press, or relocated to a different Mark Andy press, as smart label production requirements change. The servo-driven components allow inlay affixing on all label repeat sizes without the need for gear changes or cylinder changes.

Modular equipment approach provides growth path.

The affixing equipment is designed to provide simple, one-wide operation to start, and components can be added as production demands increase. For example, a second unwind/feed station can be added for two-stream operation, inlay verification systems can be accommodated, and splicing units can be added to avoid stopping for inlay roll changes. As a result, the Tamarack P500 RFID provides smart label capability to meet current production concerns - such as defective tag removal, high inlay cost, and short inlay roll lengths - yet offers productivity when high volume production is required - by affixing all inlay sizes, two-wide, at speeds up to 500 ft/min, for three-shift operation.



Operation Affixes roll-fed materials
Rotary, vacuum cylinder approach
Web widths Designed for press web widths from 10" (254mm) to 20" (508mm) (other widths available)
Inlay dimensions From 3/8" (10mm) to 13" (330mm) wide
From 3/8" (10mm) to 9 " (230mm) long
Inlay roll sizes Roll diameter up to 20" (508mm) wide
Roll core diameter 3" (76mm)
Hot melt system Hot melt adhesive applied to liner, extruded continuous or pattern coating
Static elimination system Available
Defective inlay removal Available
Reader Integration Available
Electrical requirements 380 to 480 volt, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz. , 30amp.